PTA Fundraising Opportunity

An easy way to raise funds that helps your supporters too! 

Organizations that serve youth always need to raise funds for their activities. As a way to help with this need, GoodLiving magazine has created a way to earn easy cash by selling one-year subscriptions to the only healthy and positive lifestyle magazine written expressly for Pinellas County Families.

You have lots of options and GoodLiving is the option that will help you inspire and inform your supporters for an entire year. We think it’s way better than candy bars and cookie dough in the long run.

GoodLiving magazine is an approved fundraising vendor by the Pinellas County School Board so PTAs, bands, sports teams, boosters and clubs can sign up. Other non-profit organizations are eligible as well.

Your clientele is not limited. This is the first opportunity the community has been able to purchase subscriptions to benefit a cause so it’s unlikely someone can say, “I already subscribe.” Our readers are very diverse, so you can sell to men and women of all ages and local business owners. 

By selling someone a subscription, you will make their day at least six times a year and provide them with a discount card that can save them money year round.



First, contact GoodLiving to get started at

Second, identify an organizer to run the campaign.

To sell the subscriptions, your organizer is given subscription sign-up forms and information sheets to distribute to the volunteers. They can then sell face to face or at events depending on how it works best for you. You also set your own time frame for the fundraising campaign.

Once the campaign is over, the organizer collects the forms and the checks to turn into GoodLiving magazine. Within 21 days your organization receives a check back for 32% of the proceeds to use for your programs. Your group can easily earn $3,500 or more. There is no limit to how much you can earn and there are no restrictions on how the money is used.

We have a bonus too! All subscribers not only get six issues of the magazine mailed to them for only $22, they receive a FREE Local Shops1 card that gives ongoing discounts at hundreds of local stores, restaurants and service providers. The card is sold for $20 at participating members and through their website at By subscribing, your customers get this card, with no expiration date, for FREE. It’s a really nice win-win opportunity for your supporters!



GoodLiving magazine is full of informative articles, useful resources and inspirational stories that come from the local area. Features include Good News, Good People, Good Products, Good Business, Good Eating, Good Parenting ~ and articles that encourage healthy bodies, healthy relationships, healthy  homes, healthy communities and more!  These are local stories, so readers get to know more about their neighbors, good causes, events and good businesses within their own communities.

The editorial in the publication stands for strong and healthy families. Its design is easy on the eyes, and readers say it’s a breath of fresh air that leaves them feeling good about where they live. People do love good news and they will appreciate receiving copies of GoodLiving in the mail!

PTAs can trust doing business with GoodLiving magazine. The publishing company is a woman-owned business in Pinellas County that subscribes to best business practices for magazines. This is a magazine with original editorial written by experts and writers, not a publication that is full of ads and articles written by the advertisers. There is a clear journalistic difference. Having integrity as a business is a core value. So is the commitment to keeping high standards. Parents will never see an article or an advertisement that will make them uncomfortable about having the magazine in their home for kids to see.  Read more about what we stand for.

The owner of the company sincerely supports education. She is a member of the Health and Safety Committee for PCCPTA, wife of a public school teacher in Pinellas County and mother of a student enrolled in a Pinellas County school.  GoodLiving works with local agencies such as Live Free!, Juvenile Welfare Board, Pinellas County Health Department, PCCPTA, Pinellas Education Foundation, Healthy Tampa Bay, Suncoast Mental Health, The Children’s Movement of Florida and the Pinellas County Health and Human Services Coordinating Council to stay active in the work that is improving the quality of life for our local families.

We invite you to share GoodLiving with your supporters as a way to earn cash for the programs you run to help children and parents. Contact us today for more information at